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This past February I was given an amazing opportunity showcase my sustainable fashion designs on the New York Fashion Week (NYFW)  runway under another designer and production company.  This opportunity was a huge accomplishment for me and for the Nova Scotia Fashion industry as a whole. We brought the 14 models, the production company and even the photographer with us from Nova Scotia, keeping all the focus on Nova Scotia talent.  NYFW is a pinnacle moment for any designer and is a huge source of income for the NY economy.  NYFW brings over 900 million dollars to the city of New York and provides unparalleled opportunities for designers to showcase their designs globally.  The fashion industry as a whole brings over $300 billion dollars to New York yearly.  And now I have been given an even bigger opportunity to put Nova Scotia on the Global Fashion map in September 2024! 

I know when you think of Nova Scotia, fashion is not top on the list.  We train some amazing hockey players that have ended up on NHL teams, we have hooked the seafood and shipping industry, we are covered in blueberries, we have one of the fastest growing information and technology sectors in Canada and we are starting to thrive in the entertainment industry!  Now we have a bigger opportunity to bring more attention to Nova Scotia in the Fashion world, the slow fashion industry to be specific.   

My brand, JEN Jackets, is not just any fashion brand; it's a commitment to redefining fashion, with a focus on sustainability. Each of my pieces have been crafted will all upcycled fabrics and then hand painted. My brand has been getting attention globally for the bright colors, the unique designs and environmentally consciousness of the brand. And now I have been given the opportunity to bring Jen Jackets back to NYFW, but on a much bigger and more recognized runway and under my own brand name!

And this is where I need your help.  I poured my heart and soul into taking Jen Jackets to NY in February.  I have also poured all my resources into that opportunity and I did not think that I would be given an even bigger opportunity so soon after.  And to add to things my 6 year old daughter and I were in a bad car accident over a month ago that has set us back quite a bit.   We are both OK however, we are in physio and multiple types of concussion therapy weekly and not being able to work for the past month was a huge set back.  I now have a very little amount of time to secure my spot on the runway with a deposit, which is why I am reaching out for your help.

This second journey will also help other designers and models from Nova Scotia get noticed in the big fashion world! Just like a sports team heading to a World Championship, we are a team headed to a World Fashion runway.  By supporting my journey to New York Fashion Week 2024 it will not only gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling of helping a fellow Nova Scotian follow their dreams, it also gives you a unique chance to showcase your commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Big dreams take a village to fulfill and every little bit helps! I am very appreciative of all the support that has gotten me here today, I just need a little bit more support to push this dream even further!

Please click the "SUPPORT JEN" link below to donate today.  Thank you very much for your support!

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